Rachel Gallen Hot Stone Certification - run by Amber Complementary Therapy

Amber Complementary Therapy

Hot Stone Certification - 2 day course

Stone Therapy Massage is a therapeutic massage, which involves the use of smooth, heated basalt stones which absorb and retain heat.
The use of applied heat alters the temperature of the body and is used for healing purposes. This is a technique of long-standing benefit. The roots of this healing therapy can be sourced back to many ancient cultures including the Chinese, Japanese and Native Americans.
Re-introduced in 1993 by Mary Nelson from Tuscon Arizona, today it is quickly increasing in popularity in spas and salons worldwide.

While some stones are used only for purposes of laying on the body or holding in the palms, others are used in performing the actual massage. During massage, the therapist holds the stones and glides them smoothly and rhythmically across the body's meridian lines. The stones are believed to provide a deep therapeutic healing effect, enhancing a sense of calm, peace and relaxation.

Candidates for this course must hold a current recognised Swedish massage certificate before attending this course.

Course Contents