Rachel Gallen Indian Head Massage - Amber Complementary Therapy

Amber Complementary Therapy

Indian Head Massage - 45mins

What happens during an Indian Head Massage treatment?

The treatment starts with a full consultation with the client to get a detailed background into his/her medical and lifestyle history. The treatment is performed with the client seated and fully clothed or just shoulders exposed and includes work on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, face and scalp. (The use of oil is optional when massaging the head and scalp.)

The client’s feet are placed in a foot spa with relaxing aromatherapy oils so that the entire body from head to toe is re-balanced. The upper back and shoulders are massaged without oil first then with the aid of relaxing heated oil followed by some hot stone massage to melt tension and to induce a total feeling of euphoria.

The therapist follows up to the head and gentle but highly effective techniques are used to eliminate stress in the body, a pillow is then placed behind the clients head and the face and neck are massaged using pressure points to keep the energy flowing and to relieve any tension or pain that may be hidden in the muscles of the client. Clients leave feeling naturally high.