Rachel Gallen Indian Head Cert - Run by Amber Complementary Therapy

Amber Complementary Therapy

Indian Head Massage Certificate - 1 day course - €150

Indian Head Massage is part of the Ayurvedic system. It aims to restore balance and inner harmony to mind, body and spirit by improving health and prolonging life. Ayurveda recommends the use of massage, mainly to improve blood circulation and expel toxins from the body.

Indian Head Massage is the ideal stress-busting treatment for anyone who is suffering from aching shoulders, a tight neck, tension headache, eye strain, insomnia, or poor concentration.
It is a safe, simple yet effective therapy renowned for relieving symptoms of stress. The beauty of the treatment is that it can be given fully clothed, and there is no need for a treatment table either. Therefore it can be carried out anywhere and at any time; it is non-invasive, so perfect for shy clients; and it is ideal for all the family.

Indian women traditionally practiced head massage as part of their grooming, initially limiting it to the head and hair, with the objective of keeping hair in beautiful condition. Barbers also practiced, combining haircuts with “champi” (head massage). The upper arms, shoulders, neck, head and face are massaged to promote relaxation and relieve tension.

Whether you are a qualified massage therapist who wishes to offer a new and uplifting treatment to your business or you're someone who would like to learn new skill to use on family members or friends or even a hairdresser who wants to make your clients experience at the salon more pleasurable and relaxing, a certificate in Indian head massage is the ideal way to go.

Course covers:

  • Theory of Indian Head Massage
  • Benefits of Indian Head Massage
  • Contraindication to Indian Head Massage
  • Oils to use in your treatment
  • Layout and techniques for a full Indian head massage treatment lasting 45 mins

Includes handouts, oils and towels used for the day, lunch (sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, tea/coffee, biscuits.

Cost: €150.00 - 1 day, 10.30am to 5.30pm